AMC Organizational Structure

At AMC we have organized ourselves into 4 groups to run our church. Our goal is that everyone can find a group to participate in - whether it be for one project at a time or for a longer term.
We invite you to join in whenever and where-ever you feel led. Please read what the groups are up to and come attend a meeting. Our groups are open for "drop-ins", long term participants, and all those in-between.
Our 4 groups are:
Children & Youth
Business & Maintenance
Congregation & Community Care
The Worship Group is involved in things such as:
- getting guest speakers
- arranging worship leaders
- chosing songs for the service
- any planning relating to the Sunday morning Worship Services.
The Worship Team is open to ideas for what you would like to include in the service!
Calling all Worship Leaders:
If you are willing to worship lead, please contact Marianne Penner! Thanks.
Children and Youth
This group keeps busy with things such as:
- organizing Sunday School material & teachers;
- working at "special" services such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday & Promotion Sunday;
- planning Intergenerational connections!
Business & Maintenance
This group takes care of things such as:
- church building and yard repair & maintenance;
- website;
- organizing ushers;
- Review & maintain AMC Policy & Constitution;
- Finances;
- Maintain list of Council & Group Reps.
Congregation & Community Care
The Congregation and Community Care group focusses on things such as:
- connecting with congregational  & community members;
- organize church meals;
- participate in special services such as communion, baby dedications, membership transfers, baptisms, etc.;
- get involved with projects important to AMC'ers.